UX House was started in 2019 and is a remote organisation built around mutual education, sustainable design, and emerging technology. We are human-centered thinkers who help each other improve their craft and create better experiences for all.

The UX House community has come to exist in the wake of a rapidly evolving industry where it isn’t easy to find stable ground. The vast amount of tools, frameworks, and methodologies available to us all who work under the umbrella of UX can be difficult to traverse. Here at UX House we aim to provide a medium-agnostic setting where students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike can meet and collaborate with ease.
As such, we focus on strengthening the foundation and principles of our work. Our mission is to continue to build the collaborative structure for which individuals at any level can come together and ensure diligence and quality in their work. We believe that by doing this, we will set better and more effective precedents for the industry while cultivating a symbiotic culture for a diverse community.

The UXH Team

Matt SolariFounder
Matt WDesign
James CarterContent